V. Netizen TGA & Netizen Patrons (B2B)

Netizen's easy-to-use Telegram Gamification App (TGA).
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    Empower your community.
Netizen TGA empowers you to launch rewarded Actions, Raids or Campaigns on the internet for your community with token/nfts gating, memes, airdrops, giveaways, social media engagement etc. Monitor participation and measure success with the TGA dashboard to optimize your strategies and achieve your goals.
Furthermore, you can supercharge your community engagement, product discovery or any use case you can imagine by using your own continuous gamification made of your own leaderboards, levelling up and tailored XP for your perks, loyalty rewards and tokenized prizes.
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    Telegram & Twitter tokenized Raids
Netizen TGA functionality is cross-platform. This means you can reach your audience on Telegram, Twitter and measure engagement directly on various blockchains (e.g. NFTs or tokens held, distribution of digital collectables etc).
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    Easy to setup and use:
You can do everything right from Telegram. This removes any onboarding friction to a new platform for you and for your community. It also gives you direct access to engage and capture an existing audience of Telegram's +700 million active users.
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    Powerful and rich features:
  • Unlimited Raids/Campaigns per month = no restrictions to building a powerful game made up of Raids and Campaigns.
  • Unlimited total entries/users for your Raids and Campaigns= no restrictions on how many users can participate.
  • Unlimited total winners = you can send a tokenized gift to all users participating.
  • Telegram user dashboard: easy to onboard Telegram users with a simple UI/UX user dashboard.
  • Telegram admin dashboard: everything you need in one place at your fingertips to create, manage and expand your Raids/Campaigns and get meaningful data on your success.
  • 15 actions per campaign. This is far more than any existing offer on the market and will give you plenty to work with to create a very complex game if you want to.
  • Measurement: Netizen's gamification API is measuring all input from Raids and Campaigns which provides meaningful data on user engagement and verifies activities on entries, winners, and actions across internet platforms & blockchain activities.
  • Blockchain interoperability: you can work with fungible or non-fungible tokens from Etherium, BSC or Polygon. In the future, depending on user demand and partnerships we will look to continuously expand the interoperability to additional chains.
  • API plugins: Netizen TGA works with Telegram, Twitter and Google Translate APIs all linked to our Gamification API. In the future, depending on user demand and partnerships we will look to expand the API's cross-platform capabilities.
  • Fraud detection & Smart Captcha. TGA Gamification API uses machine learning to prevent and detect user fraud attempts and automatically flags and takes actions for any malicious accounts including bots.
Netizen PATRON early bird program and community culture.
We aim to create an internet game where people are valued, recognized, and ultimately paid for their contributions.
To achieve this, we are opening the game to Web2 and Web3 projects, companies, and organizations that share common values and are looking to participate as Patrons to create and grow communities where members feel valued and recognized.
Most Crypto/NFT marketing and community engagement solutions on the market are incentivizing click farming and botting to create FOMO, leaving a big vacuum after that said promotion. We encourage all future Patrons' Actions, Raids, and Campaigns to balance the right incentives but also meaningful new ways to engage with existing communities and reach out to others.
Gamify the level-up experience: Use badges to unlock achievements (can be POAPS or in-house NFTs), for each milestone to create a sense of progression and accomplishment. This can create a fun and engaging experience that encourages members to participate more actively.
Offer exclusive rewards or privileges for each level: This can include access to exclusive content, early access to new future features of products, and roadmap milestones.
Recognize and reward member achievements: Celebrate milestones such as reaching a new level or earning a specific amount of XP points by publicly recognizing and rewarding the member. This can be through a personalized email, a shout-out on social media, or even an online badge or trophy.
Provide regular updates to form the backbone of the community and keep members informed about their progress towards the next level and any new Patrons' rewards or privileges they can expect to unlock. This can create anticipation and excitement, motivating members to stay engaged.
Create Actions, Raids, and Challenges that require members to complete meaningful tasks or participate in certain activities that encourage engagement to earn XP points and level up on leaderboards. This can create a sense of accomplishment and encourage members to engage with the community more frequently, rather than just participating in one airdrop or whitelist, never to be seen again.
Use social proof: Share stories of members who have successfully levelled up and the benefits they have received. This can encourage others to participate in the level-up system as well.
On the other hand, Netizen welcomes all humans to play and participate. Who is not invited? Bots, click farmers, airdrop farmers, and scammers. Any user activity that will try to rig the system will be met with a lifetime ban of the TAG account, and all game perks removed. As the game will evolve, our aim is to create a community centred around good vibes that will self-regulate and clear out the weeds.
If you feel your values are close to ours we would love to have you as an early PATRON of Netizen.
PATRON early bird program benefits:
Become a Patron and get FREE access to TGA for 12 months. No hidden fees.
As Netizen grows you will have early access to engage with wider communities and a chance to enter in our Patron grant opportunity.
Become a Patron Now! [email protected]