IV. Netizen Game

In Netizen, as a user, you can explore the vast expanse of internet platforms while completing Actions, Raids, and Campaigns. Your engagement is measured and rewarded with XP points, which are automatically added to your rewards dashboard so you can easily track your balance.
The game has different types of XP points. Netizen XP is awarded for completing various Netizen actions, such as signing up for TGA and participating in Raids and Campaigns. Patron XP is awarded for participating in selected Patron Raids and Campaigns.
Leaderboards are an essential part of the game, allowing players to build their clout and reputation. They are secured by our gamification API with advanced anti-cheat AI measures. The Netizen & Patron Monthly Leaderboard is where players can develop their clout and get in front of the pack by excelling in various actions, raids, and campaigns.
The Netizen Hall of Fame is where players earn their reputation through level-ups and unlocking achievements. As you climb the ranks, you'll unlock achievement badges, new game perks, exclusive Netizen & Patron rewards, and gain recognition from the Netizen community. If you reach the top of the Netizen Hall of Fame Leaderboard, you'll become a true Netizen Legend!
Netizen Legends will embark on a voyage to grow the largest Netizen community and build the ultimate decentralized gamified internet experience together.