II. The Problem

The current issue with internet platforms is how user contributions are undervalued and often go unrewarded, or are only incentivized for a short-term mentality.
Crypto's "Do THIS and you WILL receive THAT" is failing.
In the crypto space, our market niche, most solutions for product discovery, community engagement, and community building are only on event-based actions. While using giveaways via Gleam, airdrop bots via Telegram, paid "shillers" via social media, or task-oriented platforms can involve a lot of trial and error, these solutions also are incentivizing participants to have a "Do THIS and you WILL receive THAT" mentality. This approach has created a short-term mentality of FOMO and, in the long run, less engaged communities, leaving a big gap in the market for event-based and continuous gamification solutions.
Another issue is the lack of cross-platform progress and interoperability. Internet users can spend years building their reputation, audience, and achievements on one platform, but their progress is not transferable the instant they move between platforms losing their clout and reputation.
There are also little to no financial incentives and boring tasks, as online platforms fail to compensate content creators, moderators, and contributors adequately. This leads to decreased motivation, poor content quality, lack of diversity, lack of accountability, and lack of engagement. Furthermore, the journey to the content we seek is bland, repetitive, and generic. Tasks such as searching, creating accounts, logging in, captchas, liking, reporting, replying, updating, downloading, uploading, selling, purchasing, sharing, rating, subscribing, following, bookmarking, etc. are tedious, not to mention the ads, pop-up warnings, surveys, etc.
How can gamification change this? Event-based and continuous gamification solutions make people happier, more engaged, and more productive. It leverages the natural human tendency towards play to build communities with increased engagement, based on clout, reputation and meaningful rewards and incentives.