VI. Netizen Future Possibilities

As our aim is to create a gamified cross-platform internet game where people are valued, recognized, and ultimately paid for their contributions, we have ambitious plans for the future. We will be expanding our research and development efforts to various fields, touching many corners of Web2 and Web3.
Our long-term goal is to introduce a number of new gamification concepts through the Netizen dApp, an interactive gamification platform with an ads-in opt panel and gamified content aggregation. Additionally, we plan to support the Netizen ecosystem's self-sustainability by introducing the Community Vault and Netizen's utility token.
The Netizen dApp will serve as a hub for the Netizen community, with features such as a leaderboard system, a marketplace for digital collectables, and tools for content creators to monetize their work. The ads-in opt panel will allow users to choose the type of ads they want to see, with the option to earn rewards for engaging with them.
The Community Vault will be a decentralized treasury that will support the development of the Netizen ecosystem. It will be funded by a percentage of the revenue generated from the Netizen dApp, with the goal of ensuring the long-term sustainability of the platform.
Finally, the Netizen utility token will serve as the backbone of the Netizen ecosystem, enabling users to earn rewards for their contributions and participate in governance decisions through a DAO structure. Through these initiatives, we aim to grow Netizen into a self-sustaining project that empowers and rewards its communities for their contributions to the Internet.