VII. Conclusions

In conclusion, the Netizen Game and Netizen TGA offer numerous benefits to both users and businesses/projects. For users, it provides a fun and engaging way to interact and contribute to online communities, while earning rewards for their participation. Businesses and projects can leverage the Netizen ecosystem to increase their visibility, reach and engagement with potential customers, while building a strong community around their brand.
Virtual Pangea's mission is to create a gamified internet that values and rewards user contributions. By introducing a range of gamification concepts via the Netizen dAPP and supporting the ecosystem to become self-sustainable with the Community Vault and the Netizen utility token, Virtual Pangea aims to create a cross-platform internet game where people are recognized, valued, and ultimately paid for their contributions.
Whether you're a content creator, a crypto enthusiast or just someone looking for a fun and rewarding online experience, the Netizen game has something for you.