A working vision document that will evolve with the project's development. It is intended for individuals and organizations interested in the potential of gamification to transform the online landscape and create a more equitable and rewarding digital environment.
I. Introduction
  • Briefly introduce Virtual Pangea and its mission to create a gamified internet that rewards user contributions.
II. The Problem
  • Explain the current issue with the internet and how user contributions are undervalued and often go unrewarded.
  • What are our niche existing solutions, and how are we different?
  • How can gamification be used in our niche to incentivize meaningful online participation and engagement?
III. The Solution
  • Introduce Netizen Game and Netizen TGA as products that solve the problem by gamifying the internet and providing tokenized rewards for user contributions.
  • Discuss how Netizen Game rewards users for completing actions, raids, and campaigns and how Netizen TGA empowers businesses/projects to launch rewarded actions and campaigns.
IV. Netizen Game
  • Provide a detailed explanation of Netizen Game, its features, and how it works.
  • Discuss how users can earn tokenized rewards through completing actions, raids, and campaigns.
  • Explain the Netizen XP and Patron XP point system and how users can climb the leaderboards to unlock rewards and perks.
V. Netizen TGA (B2B)
  • Provide a detailed explanation of Netizen TGA, its features, and how it works.
  • Explain how businesses/projects can use Netizen TGA to launch rewarded actions and campaigns.
  • Discuss how Netizen TGA provides businesses/projects with tools to monitor participation and measure success.
VI. Future Possibilities
  • Discuss future plans for Netizen, including the development and launch of Netizen Dapp, Netizen Community Vault, and a utility token.
  • Explain how Virtual Pangea plans to grow Netizen to become a self-sustaining DAO.
VII. Conclusion
  • Summarize the benefits of Netizen Game and Netizen TGA for both users and businesses/projects.
  • Highlight Virtual Pangea.
  • Include associated risks and disclaimers.
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